OLGA Results

Okay, let’s face it! It has been a brutally hot summer by setting all kinds of records, but a few faithful have continued to play each week. On July 11 we got to choose the best front or back nine. Terry Jung was the winner in Flight 1, followed by Lynda Jones, Susan La Salvia, and Jean Karich. In Flight 2 Sharon Skoworn was the winner, Roberta Havey and Pat Schepp tied for second, Beth Ebmeier was fourth, and there was a three-way tie for fifth between Jennifer Pender, Janey Garibay, and Joann Rebillard.

July 18 was a Mutt and Jeff day. Dari Akin won Flight 1, Dang Teater was second, Terry Jung was third, and tied for fourth were Lynda Jones and Sue Pederson. In Flight 2 Beth Ebmeier won first, Frankie Hatch was second, and tied for third were Judi Walker and Nancy Cohn.

Replay shots were in effect on July 25. The winner of Flight 1 was Lynda Jones, Julie Hastings and Mary Dyrseth tied for second, and Glo Malmberg was fourth. In Flight 2 Nancy Cohn was first, followed by Colleen Ritter, Phyllis D’Amore, and Jennifer Pender.

Play of the day on Aug. 1 was a surprise and ended up being Ts and Fs. Terry Jung was first, Shirley Weaver was second, and tied for third were Lynda Jones and Linda Thrash. The Flight 2 winner was Colleen Ritter, and Frankie Hatch and Debra Dubie tied for second.

Aug. 8 was a special Christmas Wish, with everyone winning $5. But there were some special winners. In Flight 1 Beth Ebmeier won first place, and tied for second were Leslie Smith, Dari Akin, and Susan La Salvia. Three ladies tied for first place in Flight 2. They were Nancy Cohn, Colleen Ritter, and Phyllis D’Amore. Tied for fourth place were Dianne McCauley, Janey Garibay, and Joann Rebillard.

September promises cooler weather and possibly some much-needed rain. Don’t forget to hydrate!