OLGA Results

Kathy Burns

Criss Cross was the Play of the Day (POD) on Sept. 12. This game can be a little complicated, but Mary Perry came out the winner in Flight 1, followed by Susan La Salvia, Dang Teater, and Sue Pederson. In Flight 2 the winner was Dari Akin, followed by Pat Schepp and Terry Jung. Flight 3 was won by Frankie Hatch, followed by Joni Hiller and Shirley Weaver.

On Sept. 19 the big Surprise POD was the Back 9. Lynda Jones took first place honors in Flight 1, followed by Mary Dyrseth, Leslie Smith, and Glo Malmberg. Flight 2 was won by Debbie Horner, Jean Karich, Dari Akin, and Terry Jung. Linda Thrash and Sharon Skoworn tied for first place in Flight 3, followed by Sherry Rogers, Pat Schepp, and Eleanor McCann. The Flight 4 winner was Judi Walker, followed by Jennifer Pender in second and Janey Garibay in third.

Dang Teater was the big winner in Flight 1 on Sept. 26 when the POD was TEN’s. Dari Akin was second, and Debbie Horner and Sharon Skoworn tied for third. In Flight 2 Terry Jung was first, followed by Linda Thrash in second and Dianne McCauley in third. First place in Flight 3 was a tie between Joann Rebillard and Jennifer Pender. Judi Walker was third.

Another Surprise was on Oct. 3 when POD was Three Blind Mice. Holes 7, 14, and 16 were eliminated. Peggy Cooper was first in Flight 1, followed by Beth Ebmeier, Phyllis D’Amore, and Kelley Wojack. The Flight 2 winner was Pat Schepp, second was Judi Walker, and third was Sandy Knight. Tammy Bailey won Flight 3, and Janey Garibay and Joni Hiller were second and third.

Oakwood closed for overseeding on Oct. 9 and isn’t scheduled to open for four weeks, so the next OLGA league day will be on Nov. 7. We welcome our league members who have been in cooler climates over the summer. Membership is open to new members starting immediately, and applications can be found on the website, www.olgagolf.org. We hope that our friendly league will continue to grow, and we welcome everyone who would like to be a part of our league. There will be a member/member tournament on Nov. 28, followed by a luncheon and election of officers.