OLGA Results

The Play of the Day on April 18 was a surprise! It turned out to be the best poker hand! Winners in Flight 1 were Mary Perry, Karen Tucker, and Judy Darnell. In Flight 2 the winners were Julie Hastings, Barbara Anderson, and Jean Karich. Flight 3 winners were Linda Thrash, Carole Schmidt, Terry Jung, and Judy Kirschenbaum. Flight 4 winners were Sharon Skoworn, Shirley Weaver, Beth Ebmeier, and Liz Pritchard. The five winners in Flight 5 were Kathy Burns, Joan Lauer, Frankie Hatch, Marty Light, and Fran Morin.

On April 25 we tried to Beat the Pro. Eddie Renio played to scratch, and out of 53 players, 41 of us beat him and won $5. Thanks, Eddie!

May 2 was the first day of our eclectic tournament, and we only counted net pars or better for POD. Winners in Flight 1 were Julie Hastings, Mary Figgis, Debbie Horner, and Mary Dyrseth. Flight 2 winners were Terry Jung, Jean Karich, Judy Kirschenbaum, Sally Berreth, Julie Clausen, and Dari Akin. In Flight 3 the winners were Shirley Weaver, Nancy Cohn, Colleen Ritter, Marty Light, Liz Pritchard, Ladonna Wheat, Mary Buhrt, and Susan La Salvia. Flight 4 winners were Tammy Bailey, Joann Rebillard, Joni Hiller, and Roberta Havey.

Our eclectic tournament concluded on May 9. Mary Dyrseth was the winner in Flight 1, followed by Glo Malmberg, Debbie Horner, and Mary Perry. In Flight 2 the winners were Barb Anderson, Sally Berreth, and Dari Akin. Terry Jung and Julie Clausen tied for first place in Flight 3, followed by Pat Schepp and Judy Kirschenbaum. Flight 4 was won by Mary Light, followed by Susan La Salvia, Mary Buhrt, and Frankie Hatch. Roberta Havey won Flight 5, followed by Joann Rebillard, Joni Hiller, and Janey Garibay.

As summer heats up, we move to 7 a.m. shotgun starts in June with tee times starting later. Summer is a time to hydrate. Stay cool!