OLGA Results

Kathy Burns

An average of 30 hearty, heat-loving golfers continue to play on Tuesdays in the OLGA league. On June 13 we used the Stableford method to keep our POD score. Mary Perry won first place in Flight 1, Sue Pederson was second, and tied for third were Dari Akin, Debbie Horner, and Kelley Wojack. In Flight 2, Marty Light was first, followed by Shirley Weaver, Linda Thrash, and Susan Merrill. Robin Thomas and Eleanor McCann tied for first place in Flight 3, and Judi Walker was third.

On June 20 we got to change our three worst holes to par in the Crier’s Tournament. Flight 1 was won by Christa Pensworth, Peggy Cooper was second, and Glo Malmberg was third. Phyllis D’Amore won Flight 2, Debbie Horner was second, and tied for third were Kelley Wojack, Sue Pederson, Dari Akin, and Terry Jung. Flight 3 was won by Sharon Skoworn, followed by B.J. Schuller and Pat Schepp. In Flight 4, Mary Buhrt was the winner, Janey Garibay was second, and tied for third were Kathy Burns and Jennifer Pender.

Surprise! The game was field shots on June 27, won by Christa Pensworth in Flight 1, followed by Mary Perry and Peggy Cooper. The Flight 2 winner was Julie Hastings, and second was Terry Jung. Jean Karich, Phyllis D’Amore, and Susan Merrill tied for third. Susie La Salvia won Flight 3, Pat Schepp was second, and Eleanor McCann was third. Joann Rebillard and Colleen Ritter placed first and second in Flight 4.

Fourth of July was celebrated with the Sweet and Sour game. We got to choose eight lowest nets and one highest net. In Flight 1, the big winners were Leslie Smith and Dang Teater. Tied for second were Dari Akin and Linda Thrash. Flight 2 was won by Mary Buhrt and Susie La Salvia, followed by a four-way tie for fourth of Nancy Cohn, Pat Schepp, Sharon Skoworn, and Shirley Weaver. Three ladies tied for first place in Flight 3. They were Tammy Bailey, Dianne McCauley, and Colleen Ritter.

Don’t forget to hydrate! The summer heat can be exhausting!