OLGA Results

Kathy Burns

Our Eclectic Tournament was held on May 4 and 11. Results are as follows: Flight 1: 1st Peggy Cooper, 2nd Glo Malmberg, 3rd (tie) Eun Yoon and Barbara Arakelian; Flight 2: 1st Kay Lehmkuhl, 2nd Nancy Cohn, 3rd (3-way tie) Lynda Gibbs, Colleen Ritter, and Dang Teater; Flight 3: 1st (tie) Kathy Burns and Susan La Salvia, 3rd Sharon Skoworn, 4th Gail Moen; Flight 4: 1st Pat Schepp, 2nd (tie) Vicki Carmichael and Janey Garibay

POD on May 18 was First 4 and Last 5. Flight 1: 1st Barbara Arakelian, 2nd (tie) Lynda Gibbs and Glo Malmberg; Flight 2: 1st BJ Schuller, 2nd Shirley Weaver, 3rd (tie) Sharon Skoworn and Beth Ebmeier; Flight 3: 1st Janey Garibay, 2nd Pat Schepp, 3rd Jo AnnZerwekh

On May 25, the low net 3s, 4s and 5s were counted. Flight 1: 1st Eun Yoon, 2nd Glo Malmberg, 3rd (5-way tie) Lynda Gibbs, Dang Teater, Leanne Durham, Peggy Cooper, and Sue Peterson; Flight 2: 1st (tie) Susan La Salvia and Debbie Dubie, 3rd (tie) Kay Lehmkuhl and Phyllis D’Amore; Flight 3: 1st (tie) Dessa Hutchins and Janey Garibay, 3rd (tie) Beth Ebmeier and Karen Fager

We only counted the nets on the par 3s and 5s on June 1. There were only 25 players, but 11 got prize money in two flights. Flight 1: 1st Lynda Gibbs, 2nd Barbara Arakelian, 3rd (tie) Sharon Skoworn and Glo Malmberg; Flight 2: 1st Mary Buhrt, 2nd Kathy Burns, 3rd Beth Ebmeier

Cross Country POD was on June 8. Flight 1: 1st (tie) Eun Yoon and Anne Annis, 3rd (tie) Glo Malmberg and Sue Peterson; Flight 2: 1st Nancy Cohn, 2nd (5-way tie) Betty Lauer, Dessa Hutchins, Mary Buhrt, Linda Thrash, and Kathy Burns

Hope everyone has a safe July 4th holiday!