OLGNA update

Molly Bergesen

At our March luncheon, Bonnie Tasch gave a presentation regarding posting scores, learning what course ratings mean and how to post scores on GHIN.com. A couple of key points: We should post every valid round of golf played. Remember, if 13 or more holes are played, player posts an 18-hole score. If 7-12 holes played, player posts a 9-hole score. If for some reason a player does not finish a hole, record the “most likely score” (this must not exceed the Equitable Score Control, ESC, limit).

To make it easier to record your scores, you can do so on GHIN.com. At top of page, there is a box “post scores;” enter your GHIN number and name, and a screen will appear to enter your score for any valid course.

We played the Palms course on March 19 with the following winners: Flight 1: 1st (tie) Cora Levensky and Joyce Parker, 3rd Bonnie Tasch; Flight 2: 1st Barbara Stewart, 2nd Colleen Duke, 3rd Reggie Wegman; Flight 3: 1st Dottie Meade, 2nd Rachel Enloe, 3rd Sheila Bossio.

The Club Championship #3 match plus the #4 State Medallion matches were played on March 26. The winners will be announced at our April luncheon. On this date, we played a low gross game. Winners were Flight 1: 1st Joyce Parker, 2nd Cora Levensky, 3rd Erica Tiepel; Flight 2: 1st Judy Hedding, 2nd (tie) Barbara Stewart and Reggie Wegman.

April 2 game of the day was “low putts” – Flight 1: 1st Jacque Smith, 2nd Shirley Malick, 3rd (3-way tie) Cora Levensky, Joyce Parker and Janet Littlefield; Flight 2: 1st (tie) Barbara Steward and Erika Tiepel, 3rd Tuny O’Rourke; Flight 3: 1st Patty Partridge, 2nd (tie) Rachel Enloe and Susan Malloy.

OLNGA played the Palms course on April 9 with the following results: Flight 1: 1st Phyllis Madison, 2nd Cora Levensky, 3rd Mary Evans; Flight 2: 1st Barbara Stewart, 2nd (tie) Georgeann Bell and Reggie Wegman; Flight 3: 1st (tie) Sheila Bossio and Patty Partridge, 3rd Chloe Hanken.