OLN holds season opening luncheon and golf day

Sharon Gale (far left) and winners of her birdhouses!

Sharon Gale (far left) and winners of her birdhouses!

Ann Rounthwaite

For its November 3 opening day of the 2015/16 season, the OLNGA played a Low Net game on the Ponds course. Flight 1 winners: Phyllis Madison, Cora Lathom-Levensky and Kathy Chebuhar; Flight 2: Julie Schneider, Sharon Johnson, Reggie Wegman and Julia Collier; Flight 3 Collen Duke, Sharon Gale and Barbara Stewart, Karen Kenyon and Ursula Bird. Eighteen golfers gathered at the Poolside Grill for lunch after playing nine holes. This tradition is one of the league’s many strengths – everyone is invited to stay for lunch and those who weren’t able to golf that day can come too.

In one of Arizona’s abrupt weather changes, November 10 was mostly cloudy with a chill wind. Nevertheless, the OLNGA had a good turnout for a Step-aside Scramble on the Sonoran course. Game of the Day Chair Suevonne Negaard is adept at devising the perfect game for the circumstances. The scramble permitted most teams to finish early, get out of the cold and gather for the welcome back luncheon organized by Sharon Gale’s Social Committee.

Sharon is not only the league’s Social Chair, but also an accomplished artist. She now uses a technique in which she prints her paintings in reverse colors, creating striking images. She received the second of two national art awards from the Arizona Association of University Women for a painting using this technique. Tables at the luncheon were decorated with stunning birdhouses, individually designed, painted and whimsically decorated by Sharon during the hottest summer days. The creativity involved in this undertaking was astounding; each birdhouse was unique in size, shape, and theme. Lucky golfers won a birdhouse to take home.

At the luncheon Scoring Chair Regina Wegman announced the day’s winning teams: she, new member Deb Burns, Kathy Chebuhar and Barbara Stewart first; Patty Partridge, Marcy Griffith, Joyce Parker and Clarisse Zornes second; Susie Cook, Marcie Noble and Sally Spangler third. Reggie spoke for everyone when she said, in spite of the weather, “What a lovely day for golf and lunch and friendship!”

Birdies Chair Kathy Chebuhar handed out pins to golfers who’d scored birdies since the last luncheon. Since some golfers make birdies a habit, you only receive one pin a year. For subsequent birdies you get a hearty “Atta girl!” The room resounded with “Atta girls” for Cora Lathom-Levensky (two birdies), Sharon Gale (two), Joyce Parker (two), Betty Perry and Kathy Chebuhar.

Now is a great time to join the Oakwood Lady Niners, a friendly, supportive group of women who enjoy playing nine holes of golf on Tuesday mornings and socializing together afterwards. The deadline to sign up for the December 8 Holiday Luncheon is December 4. And you can sign up for the December 13 Christmas dinner until December 5. Come on your own, or bring a spouse, relative or friend. Contact Reggie Wegman about the Christmas dinner. For more information or to join contact Barbara Stewart at 480-883-3008.