OLNGA Elect New Officers

Photo by Reggie Wegman

Reggie Wegman

The Welcome Back Luncheon was a lovely event attended by year-round residents, as well as our sun-seeker winter residents. It was great to see them all. We have many new team members: Leann Knox, Kari Moss, Linda Berg-Carmichael, Dessa Hutchins, Janis Gustafson, Nancy Hooke, Donna Purcell, and a returning favorite, Darla McCracken. Welcome, ladies, and we wish you all many great golfing days with our league. Remember, after many golf games, we sometimes gather in Stone & Barrel for lunch together. It’s a great way to get to know your teammates.

Our new officers were voted on during the luncheon.

President Pam Matassarin

Vice President Karen Graves

Treasurer Rachel Enloe

Secretary Lyn Matassarin

Please thank these gals for keeping our team running smoothly. And also think about running for one of the positions next year. These ladies have given many hours of their time for our league, as have Joyce Parker, Barbara Stewart, Kathy Chebuhar, Julie Collier, Sue Boucher, Sharon Gale, league artist and crafter Bonnie Tasch, Judy Hedding, Pattie Partridge, and all of those who stepped up when asked to help with committees.

OLNGA has an online website, and it is a great forum to use to keep up with our schedule, game of the week, and winners of the weekly tournaments. The address is oakwoodladyniners.wixsite.com.

There will be a Christmas Luncheon on Dec. 6 after golf. An email will be sent with the details, and the website will also have the details. Traditionally, a Christmas sweater we all love or hate is worn. It’s in our closets somewhere. There is always one that is particularly outstanding in a good or bad way.

We wish you all a wonderful holiday, whether it’s here in sunny Arizona, other parts of the country, or the world.