OLNGA holds welcome coffee

A few of the newcomers at the OLNGA Coffee on November 5

Molly Bergesen

OLNGA issued an invitation to all prospective golfers to come to our “welcome” coffee on Monday, November 5. Our turnout for our Welcome Coffee was beyond our expectations. There were about 17 “new to the Niners” ladies who showed up for our coffee/cookies. Some are brand-new to Oakwood, some lived here for a couple of years; others have played with the various 18-hole groups but are feeling that 9 might be perfect. There were lots of good questions, plus great enthusiasm by all who attended. As of the now, we have added a lot of new members to OLNGA: Nancy Knott, Barb Collier, Gail Bevis, Wilma Johnson, Carol Laughlin, Susan Mallow, Darla McCracken, Sandy Howe, Patricia Fanzo, Suzanne Garretson, Nancy Baker, Mai Ai Ramey, Peggy Dahlke, Hazel Ludwig, Chloe Hanken and Gail Wilder. In addition, Barb Johnson who used to play with us, has rejoined our group.

Anyone interested in joining a very fun golf group, OLNGA, please contact Helen Semple at 480-802-8199. It is not necessary to live in Oakwood/Ironwood to join our group.

Tip of the Month: Remember how it was when you were a new member and didn’t know many of the others? Let’s make everyone feel extra welcome by making sure you introduce yourself to someone you don’t recognize.

Remember, also, there are numerous changes to golf rules this year, and it’s a good idea to keep updated on them. One new one, “Searching for a lost ball” – New rule for 2019, will be a maximum of three minutes of searching (not five minutes), so check your watch when you start looking!