OLNGA Member/Guest results


Molly Bergesen

We played a “low net” on the Sonoran course on February 6. Winners in Flight #1 were Joyce Parker and Ann Carlson in first, Phyllis Madison in second and in third was Pat Stead. Flight #2 saw Karen Gonzales in first, Suevonne Negaard and Reggie Wegman in second and third place was Susan Meer and Linda Trisch. Dottie Meade led Flight #3 in first, Patty Partridge and Suzan Miller in second with Sheila Bossio in third.

We played the Sonoran course on February 13 with an objective of “low net.” Winners in Flight #1 were Joyce Parker and Ann Carlson in first, followed by Phyllis Madison in second and Pat Stead in third. Karen Gonzales was first in Flight #2, with Suevonne Negaard and Reggie Wegman in second and Susan Meer and Linda Trish in third. Dottie Meade led in Flight #3, with Patty Partridge and Suzan Miller in second and Sheila Bossio in third.

The Lakes course was our challenge on February 20, as was “The Mystery Game.” All participants were to count all strokes plus total number of putts on the green. No one knew what the real objective of the day’s game would be — turned out, it was most putts. Coming in first was Rachel Enloe, Karen Kenyon nailed down second place, while four were tied for third — Linda Liberti, Cora Levensky, Molly Bergesen and Pat Stead.

Low Gross score was our objective on the Palms course on February 27. Flight #1 had Ila Kraayenbrink as first, followed in second by Linda Liberti and Cora Levensky in third. Kathy Chebuhar came in first in Flight #2, with Linda Trisch in second and five tied in third — Erika Tiepel, Marcy Griffith, Margaret Johns, Nan Campbell and Georgeann Bell. Flight #3 had Sheila Bossio in first, Mary Swanson in second and Rachel Enloe in third.

Our annual member/guest tournament was held on March 6. Forty-three golfers signed up to play the Sonoran course. We started with a continental breakfast, coffee and juice and meeting new golfers. The games of the day were all mysteries and all a lot of fun. Each hole had a different way for recording your score (from number of years in Sun Lakes, to number of putts on one hole, to how many hats/visors we were wearing) – a lot of fun and great laughs. The first-place winners were Cora Levensky, Christy Thomas, Julie Schneider and Barb Edwards. Joyce Parker, Carol Wetzel, Patty Partridge and Sheila Bossio followed closely in second, with Molly Bergesen, Gayle Cullom, Helen Semple and Elaine Osborn in third. It was a great member/guest tournament and a big thank you to our club president, Pat Stead, for making it such a fun event!

Tip of the Month: Ever bury your ball in the sand trap so close to the lip that you hit it three to four times before getting it out of the bunker? If this happens, take an “unplayable lie.” You then can play the ball where your last shot was played or drop a ball within two club-lengths of where the ball lies (not nearer the hole). Instead of hitting three to four shots, you take a one-shot penalty! Might be worth considering.