OLNGA Member/Guest fundraiser highlights

Event chairs Susan Meer and Barbara Stewart

Event chairs Susan Meer and Barbara Stewart

Leprechauns Sharon Gale, Bonnie Tasch, Carol Pontek

Leprechauns Sharon Gale, Bonnie Tasch, Carol Pontek

Ann Rounthwaite

The leprechauns arrived early on March 10 when Oakwood Lady Niners hosted this year’s member/guest day to raise funds for Neighbors Who Care and A Perfect Place, an adult day care center. Calling the event a Leprechaun Frolic, the Niners hoped to create a pot of gold for these valued organizations while offering members and friends a very good time.

Under the leadership of co-chairs Barbara Stewart and Susan Meer, we succeeded in both goals. We raised a total of $1700 for the charities and had fun doing it.

When golfers arrived at 8:00 a.m. they were welcomed and registered by Karen Kenyon, Susie Cook and Fran Neumayr. Volunteers Rob Schneider, Mike Stewart and John Walker stowed clubs in carts organized and equipped by Sheila Bossio and Sally Spangler, who also arranged pairings for the day’s golf. Meanwhile the golfers enjoyed breakfast prepared by Marcy Griffith and Suevonne Negaard and bought raffle tickets from Madeline Walker and mulligans from Phyllis Madison and Julie Schneider.

A 30 foot table outside the pro shop displayed gorgeous gift baskets lovingly prepared by OLNGA members to be raffled off. Margaret Johns organized the basket raffle and she, Rachel Enloe and Carol Pontek sold tickets. As OLNGA Treasurer, Rachel Enloe was also responsible for the financial management of the event. Leprechaun signs made by Bonnie Tasch and Kathy Chebuhar guided golfers throughout the day.

After OLNGA President Julie Schneider and the event chairs welcomed and briefed the golfers, 87 women teed off in a step-aside scramble on the Sonoran and Palms courses. On one hole they paid a pro to drive for them – an opportunity many would have liked to repeat on other holes, except when the pro put a ball in the lake.

OLNGA’s dedicated scoring chair Reggie Wegman spent the luncheon calculating scores. Although there were many ties, after carding off, winners on the Palms were 1st Sharon Johnson, Lori Dwyer, Fran Neumayr and Annette Carrington; 2nd Denise Fleshner, Barb Johnston, Nancy Heberling and Maureen Hines; 3rd Georgeann Bell, Julie Jarvis, Suevonne Negaard and Marie Welsch; Longest Drive: Betty Perry and Ann Mackenna; Closest to the Pin: Cora Lathom-Levensky; Closest to the Leprechaun: Reggie Wegman and Elaine Osborn.

Carded off winners on the Sonoran were 1st Marcy Griffith, Laurel Anglo, Leslie Hagenmeister and Janice Kilbreath; 2nd Betty Zisch de la Rosa, Bonnie Wing, Suzanne Henderson and Pat Hecker; 3rd M.J. Coking, Carol Pontek, Penny Quinn and Jeanie Norton; Longest Drive: Kathy Serold and Bonnie Wing; Closest to the Pin: M.J. Coking and Bonnie Wing; Closest to the Leprechaun: Darlene Funk and Leslie Hagenmeister.

Sharon Gale organized the luncheon and decorated the Oakwood dining room in a riot of green and gold with help from Tuny O’Rourke. In addition to dancing leprechauns, each table had a pot of gold, a green bowler hat, shamrocks and a gold balloon. Each place had a program with one of Mary Lou Hayes’ water color paintings of a golfing leprechaun and a bracelet and ball marker, gifts organized by Denise Fleshner and Kathy Serold.