OLNGA – new season

Molly Bergesen

We started off the season with a step-aside scramble on our first three golf dates in November. Weather was ideal and because we weren’t recording our scores, a lot of us took the opportunity to “practice” our shots. Additionally, it was a great time to catch up on news, especially with the snowbirds who had returned, and also meet some of our newest members. The December 5 outing also used the step-aside scramble. The lowest group score was posted by Helen Semple, Shirley Malick, Sheila Bossio and Ursula Bird. All OLNGA members who attended the luncheon will have an extra five chits in their account — thanks, Santa!

At our November 14 meeting, our new officers were elected by acclimation. They are: President Pat Stead, Vice President Shirley Malick, Secretary Helen Semple, Treasurer Rachel Enloe.

The annual Christmas Luncheon was held December 5; it was a lot of fun with nine groups going out on the Palms course. For the holidays, members were encouraged to get in the spirit by wearing “ugly Christmas sweaters.” We weren’t disappointed! A great time was had by all. The IronOaks staff did a wonderful job with the food – we had a fabulous salad with a mushroom and chicken crepe. There were 42 OLNGA members attending the luncheon – again, a great job organizing the luncheon done by Dolly Giallonardo and Mary Swanson. (Dolly and Mary have been handling this job for quite some time, and we are looking for a couple of members to take over their responsibilities starting in January. Call either Dolly or Mary with questions about duties and amount of time needed to do this.)

Dolly had also arranged for our new golf course superintendent to come speak with us. Ross Buckendahl told us a little about his background, plans to address problem areas on the golf course and then answered questions from the audience.

New Members: Please welcome both Leslie Hagemeister and Joanne Dunn to OLNGA. Glad to have you join our group.

Tip of the Month: If you land in a bunker, enter from low side; you are not allowed to “ground” your club and remember to rake after hitting!