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OLNGA Club Champions (left to right): Georgeann Bell (Flight #3), Cora Levensky (Champion), Erika Tiepel (Flight #1); not pictured Nan Campbell (Flight #2)

Jo Williams’ Low Net Champions (left to right): Judy Hedding (Champion), Phyllis Madison (Flight #2), Lola Bernadelli (Flight #3), and seated, Jo Williams; not pictured Joyce Parker (Flight #2)

Molly Bergesen

We had our final luncheon of the 2017-2018 season on April 17. Golf that day was 3-3-3, in which we recorded our scores three different ways, which proved to be a lot of laughs! We had 35 ladies playing the Sonoran course and we all thought this new “game” was a lot of fun. First place winners were Erika Tiepel, Helen Semple, Margaret Johns and Sharon Gale, Kathy Chebuhar, Judy Hedding, Suevonne Negaard and Georgeann Bell came in second with Phyllis Madison, Denise Fleshner, Susan Meet and Patty Partridge in third.

At our luncheon, major award winners for the year were announced. State Medillion winners: Joyce Parker for low gross and Linda Liberti for low net. The Jo Williams’ low net overall champion was Judy Hedding, with Joyce Parker winning in the first flight, Phyllis Madison in the second flight, followed by Lola Bernadelli in the third flight. Club Champion was Cora Levensky as overall winner, with Erika Tiepel in first place, Nan Campbell in second and Georgeann Bell in third. Congratulations to all our winners!

The Oakwood Lady Niners played the Lakes course, where we added our scores for the even holes only! Flight #1 was led by Joyce Parker in first, Cora Levensky in second and a tie for third with Kathy Chebuhar and Linda Liberti. Leslie Hagemeister led Flight #2, with four people in second: Reggie Wegman, Mary Evans, Barb Stewart and Lola Bernadelli. Flight #3 was led by Janice Kilbreath in first, Sheila Bossio in second and Sharon Gale in third.

May Day’s opposition was the Palms Course with Flight #1 winner Ila Kraayenbrink, second was Linda Liberti and Cora Levensky and Shirley Malick coming in third. Mary Evans led Flight #2, with Nancy Lienenbrugger in second and Denise Lott in third. Flight #3 was led by Janice Kilbreath, Lola Bernadelli in second and Margaret Johns in third.

The Oakwood Lady Niners are actively looking for new members for our 2018-2019 season. We all love our golf, but we value having fun and meeting new members equally. Our play day is Tuesdays, and being a member does not mean it’s mandatory to play each week. If you want more information about joining OLNGA, please contact Bonnie Tasch at 303-868-7360.

Please Note: During the summer months (June through September), play will start at 7:00 a.m. Please sign up on the bulletin board, not on Chelsea.

Tip of the Month: On putting green, you may mark, lift and clean your ball; replace it on its original spot. Don’t forget to repair ball marks and old hole plugs (but not spike marks).