OLNGA scores and news

Molly Bergesen

Thankfully, finally we put “aside” the “step aside scramble” and got to play real golf! We played the newly-renovated Sonoran course on December 12. The fairways were in fantastic shape, and the greens were fast! It was the first qualifying event for the State Medallion. Flight winners were Flight 1: 1st Cora Levensky and MJ Coking, 2nd Linda Liberti, 3rd Denise Fleshner; Flight 2: 1st Barbara Stewart, 2nd Phyllis Madison and Judy Hedding, 3rd Sheila Bossio, Colleen Duke and Reggie Wegman; Flight 3: 1st new member Karen Gonzales and Suzan Miller, 2nd Annette Carrington, 3rd Ann Rounthwaite

The December 19 date was a “low gross” game. Winners were Flight 1: 1st Cora Levensky, 2nd Pat Stead, 3rd Shirley Malick; Flight 2: 1st Julie Collier, 2nd Margaret Johns, 3rd Susan Meer and Lola Bernadelli; Flight 3: 1st Karen Gonzales, 2nd Rachel Enloe, 3rd Maureen Krol

Welcome new member Nan Campbell – Glad to have you join OLNGA!

Boxing Day (December 26) saw a few hardy souls head out to the links on the Palms course. The game of the day was “odd holes,” and all the scores were close enough that everyone who participated received a $5.00 chit. Scores were: Shirley Malick and Pat Stead 20, Judy Hedding and Helen Semple 21, Denise Lott and Phyllis Madison 22, Linda Liberti and Rachel Enloe 22.5, Mary Evans and Susan Meer 26, Joanne Dunn and Dottie Mead 27 and Sharon Gale 29. Well done, Ladies!

We are looking for new members. You don’t have to be an IronOaks resident to be a member of OLNGA. We are open to all interested – just have a desire to play fun golf, meet some really nice people and have a good time. If you have any questions, call Bonnie Tasch at 303 868 7360.

Happy New Year – Hope 2018 brings you low scores and great health!

January 2 – Weather was ideal and 20 OLNGA members headed to the Sonoran course – as usual, a fun time was had by all – game of the day was counting all strokes excepts putts! (With a bad day at the links, your OLNGA reporter is one of the few who didn’t win a chit!) Winners were Flight 1: 1st Cora Levensky and Bonnie Tasch, 2nd Joanne Dunn and Pat Stead, 3rd Mary Evans; Flight 2: 1st Georgianne Bell and Kathy Chebuhar, 2nd Denise Lott, 3rd Phyllis Madison; Flight 3: 1st Maureen Krol, 2nd Rachel Enloe, 3rd Annette Carrington

The OLNGA group played The Lakes course on January 9, 2018. Winners were Flight 1: 1st Anne Carlson, 2nd Cora Levensky and Pat Stead, 3rd Nancy Lienenbrugger; Flight 2: 1st Marcy Griffith, 2nd Denise Lott, Judy Hedding, Georgeann Bell, Julie Schneider and Reggie Wegman, 3rd Lola Bernadelli and Suevonne Negaard; Flight 3: 1st Ursula Bird, 2nd Karen Gonzales, 3rd Maureen Krol and Karen Kenyon

Tip of the Month: If you think your ball may be lost or out of bounds, make that announcement and hit a provisional ball.