OLNGA scores with social events and new executive

Longtime OLNGA volunteer Pattie Wigton inducted by Vice President Bev Isley

Longtime OLNGA volunteer Pattie Wigton inducted by Vice President Bev Isley

Ann Rounthwaite

When league play resumed on November 4 winners were Flight 1: 1st Cora Lathom-Levensky, 2nd Suevonne Negaard, 3rd Georgeann Bell; Flight 2: 1st Ursula Bird, 2nd Barbara Stewart, 3rd Susan Meer; Flight 3: 1st Julia Collier, 2nd Rachel Enloe, 3rd Marion Greer

In a step-aside scramble on November 11: 1st Ila Kraayenbrink, Fran Newmayr, Karen Kenyon and Fran Schuring, 2nd Georgeann Bell, Linda Talley, Susan Meer and Mary Swanson, 3rd Helen Semple, Cora Lathom-Levensky, Ursula Bird and Rachel Enloe.

Winners of a low net game November 18: Flight 1: 1st Bonnie Tasch, 2nd Pat Stead, 3rd Phyllis Madison; Flight 2: 1st Sheila Bossio, 2nd Julie Schneider, 3rd Georgeann Bell and Rita Ginsberg; Flight 3: 1st Marion Greer, 2nd Ann Rounthwaite, 3rd Clarisse Zornes.

November 25 brought a five highest gross game with Flight 1: 1st Suevonne Negaard, 2nd Denise Fleshner and Phyllis Madison, 3rd Bev Isley; Flight 2: 1st Fran Neumayr, 2nd Bea Cannon, 3rd Georgeann Bell and Leslie Pettis; Flight 3: 1st Sheila Bossio and Sharon Johnston, 2nd Fran Schuring, 3rd Rachel Enloe.

On December 2, Julie Collier, Colleen Duke, Suevonne Negaard and Linda Talley won for predicting their scores perfectly, while Georgeann Bell, Bea Cannon, Rachel Enloe, Marian Greer, Reggie Wegman and Clarisse Zornes came within two strokes. The rest of us envy their consistency!

On December 9 Betty Perry, Judy Hedding, Sheila Bossio and Sharon Johnson won a game called Cha-Cha-Cha. The luncheon that followed featured a Beary Christmas theme and entertainment by the ImproVables. On December 14 members, partners and friends enjoyed a holiday dinner organized by Scoring Chair Reggie Wegman.

The 2015 executive is gearing up. President Julie Schneider, whose lively humor made her briefings fun, will serve again. Barbara Stewart will use her organizational skills and southern charm as vice-president. Rachel Enloe becomes OLNGA treasurer, after serving the ILNGA in that role. Pattie Wigton, a multi-talented OLNGA volunteer for over a decade, will serve a second year as secretary.

Pattie’s contributions to OLNGA since moving to Sun Lakes from Wisconsin in 2001 include spending a year each as social, handbook and publicity chair, tournament scorer, three years as pairings co-chair and two years as president. Pattie’s attention to detail and ability to multi-task were honed in her roles of mother to three and grandmother to eight and in her career as a legal and high school secretary. Having coped when young with her mother’s early death and father’s illness, she has great empathy for young people. This was recognized when students disciplined in the principal’s office expressed gratitude for her kindness with a gift and when she was appointed to the Maricopa County Foster Care Review Board.

This year she is coping with an injury, but remains a truly positive person. Pattie believes strongly in volunteering. Her commitment to making others feel welcome and good about themselves is demonstrated by her constant encouragement and appreciative comments. Pattie’s affirmative outlook is infectious and the OLNGA is better because of it.

The OLNGA welcomes new members who would like to play nine holes on Tuesday mornings with a friendly, supportive group of women. For more information call Barbara Stewart at 480-883-3008.