OLNGA starts the year with socializing and golf

2016 Most Improved Player Debra Burns (left) and 2017 President Margaret Johnson

2016 Most Improved Player Debra Burns (left) and 2017 President Margaret Johnson

Ann Rounthwaite

Our new Social Co-chairs Mary Swanson and Dolly Giallonardo organized a super luncheon to welcome the new year on January 17. IronOaks’ golf pro Eddy Renio was the featured speaker with a message both useful and entertaining. He updated us on course conditions, one size irons and pace of play tips. IronOaks obviously values its women players, and the treatment Lady Niners receive from its staff leaves no doubt about that. During the program, birdie pins were presented to Linda Liberti, Colleen Duke, Bonnie Tasch and Sharon Johnson, and chip-in pins to Bonnie Tasch, Shelia Bossio, Sandy Krediet, Denise Fleshner, Ann Rounthwaite, Helen Semple, Susan Meer, Suevonne Negaard and Joyce Parker. Debra Burns was proclaimed the most-improved golfer of 2016.

A step-aside scramble preceded the luncheon, with Cora Lathom-Levensky, Janice Kilbreath, Leslie Pettis, Dottie Mead 1st; Denise Fleshner, Georgeann Bell, Marcy Griffith, Judy Hedding 2nd; Joyce Parker, Debra Burns, Deborah Greenwood, Denise Lott 3rd.

On January 24 in the first of three games in the low gross Club Championship, winners on the Lakes were Flight 1 Joyce Parker 1st, Cora Lathom-Levensky 2nd, Sandy Krediet, M.J. Coking 3rd; Flight 2 Phyllis Madison 1st, Linda Trisch 2nd, Helen Semple 3rd; Flight 3 Barbara Stewart, Maddie Walker 1st, Marcy Griffith 2nd, Sheila Bossio, Edna Joss 3rd.

January 31 brought the first game in the Low Net Jo Williams Club Championship on the Sonoran. Flight 1 Bonnie Tasch 1st, Mary Medved, Sandy Krediet 2nd, Mary Evans, Debra Burns, Denise Fleshner, Linda Liberti, Pat Stead 3rd; Flight 2 Marcy Griffith 1st, Julia Collier 2nd, Barbara Stewart 3rd; Flight 3 Ursula Bird 1st, Marian Greer, Ann Rounthwaite 2nd, Susie Cook 3rd.

In the February 7th third game of the low net State Medallion series, winners on the Sonoran were Flight 1 Joyce Parker 1st, Pat Stead, Debra Burns 2nd, Phyllis Madison 3rd; Flight 2 Helen Semple, Georgeann Bell 1st, Linda Liberti 2nd, Sharon Johnson 3rd; Flight 3 Susie Cook 1st, Madeline Walker, Denise Lot 2nd, Ann Rounthwaite, Mary Swanson 3rd.

As this will be my last Splash article, I want to thank all the Oakwood Lady Niners for the friendship and kindness they have shown me. My handicap has never varied far from the maximum, but each week I’ve played with a different Niner and each of them, no matter how good a golfer she is, has been encouraging and made the experience fun. Their support, the friendly lunches afterwards and the warm, personalized welcome of the pro shop staff have made golf a pleasure and given me the confidence to play in less familiar environments.

I highly recommend joining the Oakwood Lady Niners for Tuesday morning golf with friendly, supportive women. The league offers competitive opportunities for better golfers, but also welcomes beginners wanting to improve their game and learn etiquette and rules in a comfortable environment. Be sure to join the group for lunch afterwards. For more information, call Pat Stead at 480-883-1450 or  480-213-7163.

Save the dates – Our Member/Guest day March 7 and Spring Luncheon  April 18.