On display

Oil painting by Barbara Hall

Oil painting by Barbara Hall

Marshall Reichert

A special thanks to Barbara Hall for allowing Palo Verde Restaurant to display her paintings in the lounge area. Her beautiful oil paintings add a touch of color and special beauty to our facility. Barbara has an amazing background that is outlined below. Thank you so much, Barbara!

Drawing, painting and design, as well as music and theatre arts are food for the soul, fed to Barbara at the earliest age. Her professional training and experience is extensive. Painting is her first love, but she has also worked in the fields of interior design, theater, film and photography, each contributing to her painting.

“Still life allows more latitude in designing the subject to be painted, and planning the color combinations that are exciting. With each brushstroke, I try to bring a mood, balance and emotion to the three-dimensional beauty that I position, then recreate on canvas.” –Barbara Hall, NOAPS, ASID