OOPS! Apology to CTC—Your Publicity Chair Screwed Up

Red Division: Cindy McCarville and Sid Porter, Runners up; Barb Jorgensen and William Jenack, Champions

Blue Division: Garnet Johns and Pat McRoberts, Runners up; Bill Triquart and Tina Carr, Champions

Penny Petersen

Cottonwood’s Mixed Doubles Tournament was one of the best this season. It began on Sunday, Feb. 6, and play concluded on Saturday, Feb. 12. A report on the winners was in the March Splash. But one thing was wrong. The captions under two of the three photos were incorrect. Due to unclear directions given to the Splash, the winners in the Red category were identified as the winners in the Blue category. We asked to have the photos reprinted with the correct IDs, and the Splash generously agreed. The photos here are identified with the correct names. OOPS!