Our cheerleader is leaving

Elaine Kraemer

Many, many people in Sun Lakes know, respect and love Elaine Kraemer. She has been an integral part of the Cottonwood Palo Verde Foundation since its inception. Elaine served as the Foundation’s first vice president and was its president during the next four years. She has brought a caring spirit, enthusiasm, vision, leadership and organization to the fledgling charity.

Elaine’s commitment to enriching the lives of our mature Sun Lakes population has inspired other caring and dedicated people to join the CWPV Foundation and numerous others to support the charity’s work. Under Elaine’s guidance, the Foundation’s Board of Directors has grown from five to seven and soon will be nine directors in 2019! Each director brings new talents to the Foundation and broadens its reach within our greater Sun Lakes community.

Elaine initiated the Foundation’s popular 50/50 Raffles. Their primary purpose, of course, is to raise money to support organizations that promote health, education or culture for the older residents of Sun Lakes and the East Valley. The events also allow our board members to mingle with Sun Lakes residents, to learn about their concerns and to describe how their support can benefit a wide range of projects. Between October, 2016, and April, 2019, the 50/50 Raffles have raised $23,264! “Thank You” to everyone who purchases our raffle tickets!

The monies raised by our 50/50 Raffles and other fundraising events, such as the Fun Walk in November and the festive Eat, Drink and Be Merry Dinner and Auction in December, combined with direct donations to the Foundation, enabled the CWPV Foundation to award grants in 2018 totaling $26,834!

Elaine has accomplished so much in Sun Lakes and with the Cottonwood Palo Verde Foundation! A new chapter is now opening in her life, and she will be leaving Sun Lakes over the summer. We’re grateful for all that she has shared with us. We will miss you, Elaine. But most of all, we wish you happiness and love in your new life! Goodbye, dear cheerleader!

The CWPV Foundation will continue to grow and help the older population of Sun Lakes and the East Valley to enjoy the benefits of health, education and culture under the leadership of former Vice President Richard Hawkes and Director Frank Gould. Richard is the Foundation’s new president. Frank is now the Foundation’s vice president. Both talented and committed men love their communities and have worked for years to improve them in many different volunteer capacities. In fact, Richard Hawkes and Frank Gould were both Crystal Award Recipients in March, 2019!

Best wishes for a happy and safe summer, folks!