PAL News

Mary Scala

Ho! Ho! Ho! Here comes the jolly man in his red suit. Have all the jolly friends in PAL been good? Have you come with us to some performances? Have you paid your dues? It is only $10 a single or $15 a couple.

Once you are a member you can hop on the bus for only $20 roundtrip. No hassles, no driving, no parking; just an enjoyable evening out. There are still operas, coffee classics and theater events to see. For more information about the operas you can call Vera at 480-895-9679 and for more information about Coffee Classics you can call Lynn at 480-883-0671.

Our musicals and one-time events run through March 2015, so you still have lots of time to sign up. On January 22, 2015 we go to Mesa to see The 39 Steps. On January 13, 2015 we go to Scottsdale for Rachmaninoff and Friends. On February 14, 2015 we go to Chandler for the Soul of Flamenco. On March 6, 2015 we go to Mesa to see Anything Goes and on March 10, 2015 we will see Carousel. The last event will be on March 24, 2015 at Scottsdale for Chopin and Grieg. For more information on all these shows and events you can call Pat at 480-339-0283 or Mary at 480-802-9354.

If the members of PAL want to keep the buses running to all the theaters we go to, they have to let us know by not only paying their annual dues but by using the work the nine members of our Board of Directors do.

It takes all of us to select the performances, keep in touch with the theaters and the transportation companies. There is the typing and printing of the events and the mailing of them to the over 100 members, this column and the minutes of our monthly meetings. It takes time and work and it is all voluntary. We all do our share of the work because we want to keep the arts alive in Sun Lakes and the East Valley; so please, keep the buses and cars rolling by paying the dues and coming to some of the performances whether it is opera, Coffee Classics or theater. You really don’t want PAL to go away and you certainly don’t want to find coal in your Christmas stocking, do you?