Palo Verde Ladies Club Golfers play like firecrackers

Liz DeMichael, Publicity

The scores posted in July by the members of the Palo Verde Ladies Golf Association were as bright as the July 4 fireworks in the sky! Read on …

7/4. Ladies Choice. Even though 18 holes were played, only 9 holes counted toward the final score. But the 9 holes used toward the score had to be selected before play began. The winners were Flight 1: Nancy Howell (25.5), Jan Nelson (26) and Donna Purcell and Julie Curran (tied – 26.5); Flight 2: Jan Bazzill (25), Jerry Jordan (28) and Lois Fitzsimmons, Ginger Henry and Kathy Jones (tied – 29). Nice playing, ladies!

7/11 and 7/18. Eclectic Tournament. The ladies played two tournaments and selected their lowest score between them on a hole-by-hole basis to come up with their best 18-hole score. The winners were Flight 1: Ann Hammond, Bonnie Moore, Mary Nelson and Donna Purcell (tied – 68); Flight 2: Julie Curran (71), Jan Stuckey (74) and Jan Nelson (77); Flight 3: Liz DeMichael (78), Pat Schultz (87) and Shirley Hutchings and Rita Raymond (tied – 88).

7/25. Low Gross. A tough game to play in hot, muggy conditions but the PVLGA were up to the challenge! The winners were Flight 1: Mary Nelson (71), Cheryl Reed (72), Ann Hammond and Donna Purcell (tied – 75); Flight 2: Jan Nelson (80), Wanda Johnson (81) and Jan Stuckey (82); Flight 3: Kathy Bushbaum (81), Diana Depree (89) and Rita Raymond (91).

You ladies rock!