Palo Verde Men’s Club Events

Jeff French

January play for the Palo Verde Men’s Association included two Ace of Aces qualifier events, a 2-Man select-a-drive, and was highlighted with the annual two-day Presidents Cup event. Sunday’s play was wet and soggy, but players persevered and were able to complete play and recognize the overall and flight winners, with refreshments and prize awards after play.

Saturday, Jan. 13, 2 BB Net Ace of Aces Qualifier

1st: (tie) Darryl Ramseyer, Roy Parfitt, Wes Davis, and Bob Torres/Scott Price, Jim Adzima, Al Baumgartner, and Basil Foster

3rd: Chuck Guillaume, Dale Falk, Roger Ivesdal, and Joe Lombardo

Saturday/Sunday, Jan. 20-21, Presidents Cup

Champion: Ken Nelson

Runner Up: Gary Zahnow

Flight 1: 1st John Mitchell, 2nd (tie) Ron Kiel and Bob Kittle

Flight 2: 1st John Kane, 2nd (tie) James Granzow and Mike Rufert

Flight 3: 1st Joe Byrne, 2nd Steve Field, 3rd Jeff French

Flight 4: 1st Champion, 2nd Runner Up, 3rd (tie) Chuck Carothers and Rick Onken

Saturday, Jan. 27, 2-Man Select-A-Drive 1 Net BB

Flight 1: 1st Bob Brabant and Roy Parfitt, 2nd Mike Lorimor and Mitch Berger, 3rd (tie) Ron Kiel and Jay Erichsen/Daryl Ramseyer and Keith Edwards/Marko Sow and Christian Stokes/Scott Price and Jim Adzima

Flight 2: 1st Phil Hollevoet and Ken Nelson, 2nd (tie) Steve Field and John Allen/Glen Harry and Joe Lombardo/Sid Cook and Jim Davis

Saturday, Feb. 3, 2 BB Net Ace of Aces Qualifier

1st: Daryl Ramseyer, Don Peterson, Wes Davis, and Rick Onken

2nd: Chuck Guillaume, Paul Jorgensen, Steve Field, and John Crawford

3rd: (tie) Dan Ashley, Pat Corcoran, Barry Walcker, and John Kuchera/Dave Florence, Mike Pasternak, and 2 Blind Draw scores

The upcoming March play will include the two-day Club Championship on March 3 and 4 and a scramble and Presidents Lunch and membership meeting on March 9. Following will be a 2-Man 1 BB net on March 16. There will be a 2 BB Net Ace of Aces Qualifier on March 23 and a 3 BB Net Select a Drive on March 30.