Palo Verde Men’s Golf Association

Jeff French

As the record Arizona summer temperatures continued throughout the area, Palo Verde Men’s Golf Association play continued through September with five weeks of competitive play and the ending of our 2022-23 calendar of play. October saw the overseeding of the Palo Verde course and a nice break from the hot temperatures and competitive play. Hopefully, cooler temperatures will be with us in November.

Saturday, Sept. 2, Select-A-Drive 2 Net Best Balls

1st: John Mitchell, Bud Murray, Wes Davis, and Jeff Martin

2nd: Dick Howell, Jack Hall, Barry Walcker, and Jim Davis

3rd: Lee Hood, John Kane, Adrian Barber, and Ken Nelson

Saturday, Sept. 9, Individual Stableford Scoring Net

Flight 1: 1st Bud Murray, 2nd Marko Sowa, 3rd (tie) Chuck Guillaume and Peter Gorman; Flight 2: 1st Cliff Joyes, 2nd Jim Davis, 3rd Wes Davis

Saturday, Sept. 16, 1 Gross + 1 Net Ball (Ace of Ace’s Qualifier)

1st: Dick Howell, Pat Corcoran, Jack Hall, and Jim Davis

2nd: Paul Jorgensen, Martin Goldman, Wes Davis, and Gary Zahnow

3rd: Dave Florence, John Kane, Linn Henderson, and Keith Wilson

Saturday, Sept. 23, 2 Net Best Balls

1st: Terry Denefe, Pat Corcoran, Cliff Joyes, and Jim Davis

2nd: Ster Vandergriff, Jeff Michelin, Wes Davis, and Ken Nelson

3rd: Daryl Ramseyer, Bud Murray, Barry Walcker, and Richard Hair

Saturday, Sept. 30, Scramble

1st: Paul Bacon, Brandon Jones, Cliff Joyes, and Al Mattern

2nd: Terry Denefe, Pat Corcoran, Arve Moser, and Jim Davis

3rd: Dick Howell, Ron Cox, Joe Byrne, and Don Reese

As the 2022-23 season comes to a close, we begin the new year in November with four weeks of play scheduled:

Saturday, Nov. 4, Select-A-Drive (2 Net BB’s). Lunch follows play and the annual meeting to nominate officers.

Saturday, Nov. 11, Turkey Shoot and will also be the Final Ace of Aces Qualifier for the 2023 season and First Round for the 2024 Ringer season.

Saturday, Nov. 18, Team Stableford

Saturday, Nov. 25, Pick-Your-Partner 1 Net Best Ball (refreshment on the patio after play)