Palo Verde Road Management Update

Philip J. Montgomery, President

All Palo Verde Sun Lakes homeowners are automatically a member of Palo Verde Road Management Inc. and have a vested interest in how our private streets are operated and maintained. Palo Verde Road Management “Association” is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation under and by the laws of the State of Arizona and is independent and separate from the Cottonwood Palo Verde Homeowners Association. The nine (9) member board is made up of Palo Verde homeowners and is responsible for the operation and maintenance of approximately 11.2 miles of private roadway and associated drainage systems serving the 1,073 Palo Verde homeowners. The board members are all non-paid volunteers. All revenue from fees or assessments goes to the actual cost of operation and maintenance of the private roadways. Palo Verde Road Management Inc. remains financially sound. In 2020 there will be no increase in your Annual Road Fee. It shall remain at $175.00 per household and billed as a pass-through charge in your Annual Homeowners Dues billing in January of each year by Cottonwood Palo Verde Homeowners Association.

In 2018, the board of directors set a goal of building its Emergency Repair and Replacement Reserve Fund to a minimum of $250,000 by February, 2020. This three-year goal has been reached. The Board is committed to continue to monitor the level of all funding being held as reserves. This action of incrementally building our Emergency Repair and Replace Fund will greatly reduce the risk and potential need to impose future unexpected special assessments or unreasonable rate increases due to facility damage caused by catastrophic storm events or underground utility system failures that can lead to thousands, and as much as several hundred thousand dollars in repair costs. With careful planning and management, we are able to do this with existing revenues and still maintain our on-going repair and replacement projects at the lowest possible rate.

2020 Proposed Maintenance Program: In November, 2019, The Board authorized a 2020 “Invitation to Bid” to be sent to four identified qualified contractors. It is estimated the total cost of the work proposed to be approximately $130,000. It is anticipated work will be performed in April 2020. All Palo Verde homeowners affected by this project will be notified in advance by mail with attached map.