Paul Loves Golf. Barb Loves Tennis. They Both Love a Dog!

Barbara and Paul Jorgensen and Sarah Rose

Penny Petersen

Paul Jorgensen rejoined Cottonwood Tennis Club (CTC) recently. He’s really a golf fanatic but joined CTC as a form of exercise after knee replacement surgery. He and his wife Barb Jorgensen never play together. His sport is golf. Hers is obviously tennis. He plays golf four times a week. He loves golf.

Barb and her partners have won the CTC Ladies 4.0 category six years in a row. In the CTC Mixed Doubles 4.0 category, she won three times, all with different partners. She also won the 4.0 Bradshaw Tournament twice and has won numerous Jason Morton Tournaments. She played in 55+ USTA Singles, Doubles, and USTA Nationals 3.5.

In addition to her winnings, Barb has held various positions in the last seven years: Ratings Committee chair, Membership chair, vice president, and secretary. She assisted Al Wagner in teaching free tennis classes on Monday nights. After getting certified for USTA coaching, she began teaching Doubles Strategy Clinics with Bob Pivec. She also keeps the bulletin board looking good.

Barb currently plays on four different leagues and outside tournaments. Her 65+ USTA team is in a playoff to go to Sectionals in December.

Both of the Jorgensens were born in California. They met on a blind date arranged by one of Barb’s good friends. It must have worked, as they will be celebrating 30 years of marriage on June 5, 2024. They have two sons. Aaron lives in Oregon, and Brian resides in Colorado.

Prior to retiring, Paul was VP for marketing for a lumber company. Barb was VP for marketing for a bank. Prior to settling in Cottonwood Palo Verde, they lived in Idaho and Oregon. They became snowbirds in 2004. After living in Solera and SunBird, Paul fell in love with Palo Verde after playing a home/guest golf tournament. They purchased a house overlooking the golf course. According to Barb, “It was always his dream to live on a golf course.” They became full-time residents in Cottonwood Palo Verde in 2017. And, oh yes, they are the proud parents of a rescue dog named Sarah Rose.