Pinwheels raise funds for childhood lung disease

Colorful pinwheel pins are appearing in the community. They symbolize air circulation and will be used to aid in a fundraising campaign for CHILD, a research foundation for rare childhood lung diseases. The last week in February is CHILD week and the campaign will run until the second week in March.

Sun Lakes residents Penny and Ron Petersen will spearhead the Sun Lakes campaign. Their grandson, Harrison Steiner, has Bronchiolitis Obliterans, an extremely rare lung condition. Harry’s mom, Daisy, is an Arizona representative for CHILD and urges the public to become aware of the impact rare childhood diseases can have on a family and community.

Because of the rareness of the diseases, there is virtually no government or large funding sources. When there are only five to 25 kids in the country with an illness, drug companies don’t find it profitable to research treatment options. Parents of children with Bronchiolitis Obliterans and several other rare lung conditions have joined together to create awareness and raise funds for research. Harry’s condition is one of the ones to be studied by T-Gen located right here in Phoenix.

Look for the pinwheels and know that the persons wearing them have donated to research. Join in the effort and get your pinwheel for breathing health.

During the last week in February and the first two weeks in March, the Petersens will be distributing information about CHILD and asking folks to donate to the “Change for Child” campaign. If you’d like information contact Penny Petersen at 602-370-4544.