Poker—Low Stakes Dealer’s Choice Games

Nick Adams

There are many varieties of poker beyond Texas Hold ’em. Do you enjoy playing low stakes poker but have trouble finding five or six regulars to fill a game? I’d like to find others who would enjoy playing on a weekly or biweekly basis, rotating at each other’s homes.

Game examples:

5-7 Card Draw

7-Card Stud

Hi-Lo games

Split the Pot games

Wild Card games

Pass the Trash

Follow the Queen

3-Card Guts

In-Between/Acey Deucey

Table rules:

• 25 cents to $1 ante, depending on the dealer’s choice game

• Maximum raise of $3 for three rounds

• No check and raise

It’s a friendly game. The cards declare the winner(s), which means a player may call a hand at the end, but they actually have a better hand than what they think.

If you’re interested, please call/text Nick Adams at 480-772-5494.