Ponchos win Palm Springs Softball Tournament

Larry Wolfe

The Ponchos, our 70+ travel team, recently won the annual Palm Springs Senior Softball Tournament. And they not only won it, they dominated the tournament, winning all six games they played, including an 18-9 drubbing of the Arizona Rockies in the championship game. The tournament featured teams from Arizona, California and Washington State.

They opened the tournament by crushing the California Crush 21-7 and continued their dominance by averaging over 20 runs per game while allowing an average of only 10 runs per game. Their closest contest was a 17-12 victory in the semi-finals over the Rockies. As a team, the Ponchos had an overall batting average of .672 with six players sporting averages of over .700. Bruce Stricklett led the way, hitting a robust .870, with Jim Leckner also exceeding the .800 mark. Bob Henning, Ken Sheffield, Dick Reader and Jerry Hester all topped .700.

Denny Davidson is the Field Manager of the Ponchos, while Bill Corso serves as Administration Manager and Evan Hansen as Coach. The sponsor of the team is Ponchos Mexican Restaurant. Ponchos is a family-owned and operated restaurant located at 7202 S. Central Avenue in Phoenix.

The Ponchos have won many tournaments over the years (participating in “ever-increasing” age brackets), including several World Championships. Congratulations, Ponchos… again!