Pool Club Tournaments

Gary Vacin

Jeff Michelin and Michael Dalsanders are winners in the Lucky Shot Pool Club fall tournaments. Michelin won in 9-Ball, and Dalsanders took 8-Ball. Both will qualify for the club’s year-end championship.

Fall tournament results follow:

9-Ball, Pocket 1: 1st Jeff Michelin, 2nd Jerry Cisneros, 3rd Dennis Chenier

9-Ball, Pocket 2: 1st J. R. Scheidereiter, 2nd Rick Boyd, 3rd Jim Cain

8-Ball, Pocket 1: 1st Michael Dalsanders, 2nd Jerry Cisneros, 3rd Jeff Michelin

8-Ball, Pocket 2: 1st Dennis Chenier, 2nd Todd Rodgers, 3rd Loren Boulanger

8-Ball, Pocket 3: 1st Mike Jaltuch, 2nd Warren Ball, 3rd Rick Nelson

8-Ball, Pocket 4: 1st Barry Walcker, 2nd Gary Vacin, 3rd Alan Behr

Thirty-two players competed in the winter tournament, which ended Jan. 10. Entries are open for the club’s spring tournament, which runs from March 1 to April 10. All Sun Lakes residents are welcome to participate.

Additional information is available from the club’s tournament director Steve Colby at 480-600-5392.