Posse Medical Equipment Program

Phyllis Swanson, Office Manager, Sun Lakes Posse Medical Equipment

We wish to thank all residents who have made contributions to the Sun Lakes Sheriff’s Posse. These contributions also help keep the Sun Lakes medical equipment operational. Anyone who owns a home knows that the expense of keeping the property in good condition is costly.

We have 26 associates who give their time to keep this program in operation. This also includes three who clean the medical equipment and do minor repairs and two who do the mailings.

Last year, 2019, the associates had a total of 4,000 hours. This does not include the hours given by the two who do the mailings. The number of pieces of equipment loaned is 1,530.

We also appreciate the residents who donate medical equipment to the program. We loan medical equipment to residents of Sun Lakes free. We loan for three months or 90 days. After the three-month time, we ask that the equipment be returned. If you feel you need the equipment for additional time, you must call the office. At that time, the inventory will be checked to see if this is possible.

We will not accept equipment that is not useable. You can break them down and put in your own garbage can. Some items that the veterans can use will be donated to them. If it is an item that we do not loan, we may put you in contact with a person who works with the veterans, and you can work with that person.

We also ask that you bring the equipment back to the office that is clean and usable. We at times have had the potty chairs brought back that are so dirty that we do not want to clean them. Also, make sure that all parts for the potty chairs are returned with the chairs.

If any resident is interested in being part of this program and willing to give their time, please contact our office. We need a person who is willing to help clean the medical equipment and do minor repairs.

The office phone number is 480-895-8751, and the address is 9531 E. Riggs Road, Sun Lakes, AZ 85248.