Project Talent Is Looking for a Co-Host

Ray Texeira

Have you been told that you have a fun personality, maybe even stage presence? Are you comfortable in front of an audience? Then join me on stage to co-host the Sun Lakes “Project Talent” show. We will “Tag Team” the event, presenting various acts and interfacing with the judges and audience. If interested, contact Ray at [email protected] to set up a time to meet and chat.

And speaking of talent, we continue to look for contestants who want to express themselves on stage. Are you a singer, comedian, daredevil, have a pet that can do backflips, or just have an odd talent? The only requirement for an audition is that you live in Sun Lakes or have a family member or friend who lives in Sun Lakes to be your sponsor. Contact us at [email protected] and let us know what talent you or your group has.

We’re putting together a team of volunteers to help create and produce this event, and we still need two or three folks with video/camera knowledge. You’ll be filming various aspects of the show and helping with editing to create a short film on CD to be given to all the participants as a memory of their performance. Contact Ray at [email protected]

Becoming a sponsor is a great way for your business, club, or organization to get more exposure to “spread your message” within our community. Sponsors and clubs can donate gifts or services to contestants for not only the winner, runner-up, and second runner-up, but also for the best in various categories. Let us know at [email protected] if you are interested in being a sponsor, and we’ll send you details.

Spread the word. If you’re not interested in performing but “love the idea,” ask us for an email version of this article to spread the word to all your clubs, acquaintances, business associations, friends, and family. Let’s go have some fun!