Why do we publish Pastor Don’s phone number?

Doug Ross

Glad you asked. In our ad in the Splash last month and this we suggested three things to do this summer.

Visit Sun Lakes Community Church some Sunday morning

Click on www.sunlakescommunitychurch.org

Call Pastor Don Hendricks on his cell phone at 480-720-9715

He almost always has it with him. He is very friendly. He loves people. He enjoys meeting new people.

After all, he is a preacher – he loves to talk. I guarantee you will enjoy it!

And, should you have a tough question you have always wanted to ask a preacher you can be sure he will have a very good answer for you. And if you disagree with his answer he can handle that too.

So, take a chance, call him; and then some Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. treat yourself and visit Sun Lakes Community Church. A message “seasoned with grace” may turn out to be just what you need.

We meet at the Chapel in Sun Lakes, across from the Sun Lakes Clubhouse. Need more information? Well, Call Pastor Don.