PVLGA enjoy September golf

Liz DeMichael, Publicity

The weather finally started to cool off a bit in September. But the ladies at the Palo Verde Ladies Golf Association (PVLGA) were still playing pretty hot golf. Read on…

9/05. The PVLGA started the month with a fun Select-a-Drive tournament. They picked the best drive on each hole and played their individual ball from that place until the ball was holed. The score on each hole was based on two net best balls. The team winners were 1st Janet Baron, Ann Hammond, Jan Nelson, and Diana Ridd (92); 2nd Cindy Bosch, Carolyn Hoffland, Sharon Howard, and Vallerie Verbeck (93); 3rd Gwen Curtis, Judy Daidon, Liz DeMichael, and Bonnie Moore (95).

9/12. Although the members of the PVLGA played 18 holes, the “Pro’s Choice Tournament” only counted holes 1, 3, 4, 8, 9, 14, 15, 17, and 18 towards the final score. This writer had no influence with the PV pros, just blind luck! The winners were Flight 1: Billie Seiberling (29), Cindy Bosch and Carole Guild (30); Flight 2: Jan Nelson (26.5), Liz DeMichael (27.5), and Pat Schultz (28.5). Great play, everyone!

9/19. There were four winning teams in the Step-a-Side Scramble. It sounds like a fancy dance, but it just means that the player whose shot is used does not get to hit on the next shot. The winning teams were 1st Julie Curran, Lois Fitzsimmons, Linda Reber, and Carol Ruff (40.25); 2nd Anita Barber, Penny Nowicki, Marj Rasmussen and Diana Ridd (41.25). 3rd Jo Crook, Liz DeMichael, Pat Kreiling, and Tammy Visser (42); 4th Janet Baron, Marsha Deuel, Susan Lamb, and Billie Seiberling (42.25). Good dancing, I mean golfing, ladies!

9/26. In the T’s & F’s Tournament, only the holes starting with the letters “T” or “F” counted towards the final score. The winners were Flight 1: Nancy Howell (24), Julie Curran and Carole Guild (25); Flight 2: Cindy Bosch (25), Marsha Deuel (26.5), and Sherri Butler (27); Flight 3: Janet Baron and Rita Raymond (26.5) and Kathy Jones and Marj Rasmussen (27). Congratulations to all our winners!

Remember, “Autumn is a season followed immediately by looking forward to spring.” -Anonymous