PVLGA Executive Board passes all tests

Liz DeMichael, Publicity

An inquiry was held to evaluate the members of the PVLGA Executive Board. They willingly agreed to provide some “not so classified” information without the need for pro shop subpoenas having to be issued or a special prosecutor being named. What we learned is:

Susan Lamb, President, has played golf for 28 years. About six years ago, Susan and her husband John moved to Sun Lakes from Carmel (hmm… moving to the desert from the ocean – more research might be required here). Susan joined the PVLGA when she moved to Sun Lakes. She has previously served as secretary and vice president for the PVLGA and will be the board advisor next year.

Linda Reber, Vice President, started playing golf about 43 years ago when she lived in Edina, Minnesota (outside of Minneapolis). We can understand why she and her husband Butch moved to Sun Lakes seven years ago (no further research needed). Linda has been the PVLGA treasurer previously and hopes to run for club president if her party supports her in the next election. She has had one hole-in-one in her career (No. 8 at Palo Verde). Congratulations!

Florence Wright, Secretary, has played golf with the PVLGA for five years but slightly longer overall. She and her husband Bill have lived in Sun Lakes for seven years. They moved here from Ahwatukee where they lived for 31 years (no need for further investigation). She did testify to playing in the Cotton/Verde Tournament and “looking like a drowned rat at the finish” because it was raining. Really – not fake news!

Jan Stuckey, Treasurer, has played golf for 15 years, 10 of them in Sun Lakes. She and her husband Norman moved here from Portland, Oregon (tired of the rain…hmm). Jan had been in charge of Awards and Orientation for the PVLGA in the past and is now in charge of keeping the golf club in the black as treasurer. She has had two holes-in-one in her career, both in Oregon. Good going, Jan!

Findings: After careful review, it appears that this administration truly enjoys golf. Confirmed sources say that they are all doing a great job. Thank you, ladies, for taking on some tough jobs for  our golf club!