PVLGA hot in July

Liz DeMichael

Golf was tough to play in the July heat, but the Palo Verde Ladies Golf Association (PVLGA) took on the challenge. Check it out…

7/02. Low Gross. The ladies with the lowest gross score were the big winners on this hot, muggy day. The winners were Flight 1: Mary Nelson (65), Cindy Bosch (74), and Bonnie Moore (76); Flight 2: Jerry Jordan (79), Christy Thomas (83), and Marilyn Lloyd (85).

7/09 and 7/16. Summer Eclectic. The ladies played two tournaments and selected their lowest score between them on a hole-by-hole basis to come up with their best 18 holes. The winners were Flight 1: Lucsa Buzbee (67) and Cindy Bosch and Mary Nelson (tied – 68); Flight 2: Sandy Chavez and Ginger Henry (tied – 76) and Wanda Johnson (81).

7/23. Even Holes. In this tournament, only the scores made on the even holes counted. That helped some and hurt others! The winners were Flight 1: Bonnie Moore (25), Billie Seiberling (25.5), and Dolores Allard (27.5); Flight 2: Susie Buell (25), Marsha Deuel (28), and Ginger Henry and Julie Lutostanski
(tied – 29).