Mary Nelson

Nov. 16 Results: Palo Verde Ladies Golf Association (PVLGA) U of A Cancer Fundraiser:

Flight 1: 1st Place Team: Zara Logan, Denise Orthen, Barbara Senneff, and Eden Carter; 2nd Place Team: Virginia Cook, Sandy Worden, Linda Grendahl, and Jane Lewis; 3rd Place Team: Maryanne Lofquist, Mary Lu Esget, Helen Jeub, and Joni Hiller

Flight 2: 1st Place Team: Ruby Myer, Roz Pederson, Janice McNab, and Sharon Fratiello; 2nd Place Team: Becky Commisto, Marilyn Lloyd, Christine Lecoutre, and Marcia Smith; 3rd Place Team: Lori Snodgrass, Carol Healy, Barb Schmoekel, and Margie Brandon

Men’s Flight: 1st Place Team: Sid Cook, Dick Hollenbaugh, Dave Nelson, and Dennis Grendahl; 2nd Place Team: Jeff Martin, Bob Brabant, Tommy McNab, and Jim Dubow

PVLGA raised $20,697 for the U of A. We send a special thanks to all of the donors who made this possible.

Nov. 23 Results: Modified Best Ball

1st Place Team: Chris Butler, Kathy Bushbaum, Jackie Poetker, and Margie Brandon; 2nd Place Team: (tie) Joann Johnson, Zara Logan, Mary Mentone, and Sue Green; 3rd Place Team: Paddy Newton, Linda Carr, Marilyn Lloyd, and Carolyn Leneway; Team: Patti Hegenbarth, Joan Irwin, Jane Gallager, and Roz Pederson

Nov. 30 Results: Low Gross

Flight 1: 1st Tracy Rice, 2nd Paddy Newton, 3rd Mary Nelson; Flight 2: 1st Christine Lecoutre, 2nd (tie) Diane Kruse, Tracy Thornock, and Chris Butler; Flight 3: 1st (tie) Roz Pederson, Alice Barber, and Cheryl Kopacz

Dec. 7 Results: Back Nine

Flight 1: 1st Paddy Newton, 2nd Val Verbeck, 3rd Pat Tjosvold; Flight 2: 1st Diane Kruse, 2nd (tie) Dolores Allard and Tammy Bailey; Flight 3: 1st Janet Kavran, 2nd Kathy Ivesdal, 3rd Carol Healy; Flight 4: 1st Noella Bannister, 2nd Paula Elbery, 3rd Sandra Labute