Mary Nelson

April 13 and 20 Eclectic Results: Flight 1 (0-16): 1st (tie) Mary Nelson and Rachel Railville, 3rd Carole Guild; Flight 2 (17-20): 1st (tie) Lucsa Buzbee and Tammy Visser, 3rd (tie) Dolores Allard and Christy Thomas; Flight 3 (21-23): 1st Denise Orthen, 2nd Phyllis Chase, 3rd Julie Curran; Flight 4 (24-27): 1st Elaine Isaacson, 2nd Sharon Eisenzimmer, 3rd Becky Commisto; Flight 5 (28-36): 1st Sandra Labute, 2nd Ros Pederson, 3rd Rose Hames

April 27 Results Member-Member: Flight 1 (0-39 Combined Handicap): 1st Coleen Mitchell and Cindy Bosch, 2nd Rachel Rainville and Nancy Hermanson, 3rd Tracy Rice and Cindy Ryan; Flight 1 (40-50 Combined Handicap): 1st Fran Kelly and Phyllis Chase, 2nd Diana Ridd and Shirley Edmiston, 3rd Kathy Ivesdal and Ginger Mays; Flight 3 (51 and Up Combined Handicap): 1st Sandy Chavez and Pat Schults, 2nd Elaine Isaacson and Jackie Kellerman, 3rd Dee Czaja and Mary Mentone; Closest to the Pin #3 Barb Byczko, Longest Putt #8 Kathy Ivesdal, Longest Putt #13 Kathy Ivesdal, Closest to the Pin #15 Tracy Rice