Jane Lewis made a hole-in-one on hole number 4.

Mary Nelson

Nov. 2 Fewest Putts Results

Flight 1: 1st Nancy Hermanson, 2nd Mary Fitzke, 3rd (tie) Mary Nelson and Joan Irwin; Flight 2: 1st Diane Tenney, 2nd Jan Stuckey, 3rd Diane Kruse; Flight 3: 1st Susan Lamb, 2nd Diana Ridd, 3rd Teresa Roark; Flight 4: 1st Dolores Mahaffey, 2nd (tie) Marcia Smith and Alice Barber

Nov. 9 Crier’s Choice Results

Flight 1: 1st Vanessa Heimgartner, 2nd (tie) Jan Nelson and Joan Irwin; Flight 2: 1st Tracy Thornock, 2nd Denise Orthen, 3rd (tie) Diane Tenney, Julie Curran, and Cathy Brabant; Flight3: 1st Lisa Mohoric, 2nd (tie) Pauline Corcoran and Sharon Eisenzimmer

Hole-in-one number 4: Jane Lewis. Congratulations, Jane!