PVLGA News and Scores

Mary Nelson

June 15 and June 22 Summer Eclectic Results:

1st Flight: 1st Mary Nelson, 2nd Colleen Mitchell, 3rd (tie) Val Verbeck, Mary Fitzke, and Cindy Bosch; 2nd Flight: 1st (tie) Sherri Butler and Jan Nelson, 3rd Kathy Smith; 3rd Flight: 1st Belen Wilson, 2nd Janice McNab, 3rd Paula Elbery

June 29 Select a Drive 2 net BBs Results:

1st Place Team: Cindy Bosch, Julie Curran, Rose Hames, and a blind draw

2nd Place Team: Carole Guild, Jan Stuckey, Mary Horn, and a blind draw

3rd Place Team: Val Verbeck, Becky Commisto, Helen Wilson, and Dolores Mahaffey

Congratulations to Sandra Labute for her hole-in-one on hole 6 during ladies play, June 15, 2021.