PVLGA news and views

Janet Baron, Publicity Chairman

3/03. A curtain of fog rolled in this morning; as a result our 9:00 a.m. tee time was slightly delayed. Palo Verde was engulfed in a shroud of dense clouds that remained for a short period of time; our putting tournament eventually was put into play and fewest putts was the name of the game. Participants implemented intense caution when putting as we are all extremely aware of how wiley our greens can be. The Flight 1 winners were as follows: 1st Donna Purcell, 2nd Carolyn Hoffland and Carol Ruff; Flight 2: 1st Jean Kulander, 2nd (tie) Gwen Curtis and Dianne Papaioannou; Flight 3: 1st Mart Jo Stack, 2nd (tie) Ellen Bond and Mary Hamilton

3/10. The participants in the club championship were in an upbeat mood this particular morning; one week later we had another chance in the second round to show significant improvement in our two week championship play. We were duly poised to accept our place in each of the designated flights. Golf is designed to formulate a plan to achieve a goal.

3/17. We congratulated the winners of each flight; Patty Newton is our new club champion. Our congratulations to you Patty! The results of each flight are as follows: Flight 1: 1st Carol Guild, 2nd Jo Crook and Nancy Howell; Flight 2: Norma Kuehn, Mary Fitzke, Liz Kirkpatrik and Sharon Wilson tied for 3rd; Flight 3: 1st Jo Ann Hicks, 2nd Susan Lamb, 3rd Kathryn Campbell

3/24. M/M was another challenging game. A luncheon was served in the Palo Verde dining room, Greg announced the winners and they were as follows: Flight 1: Donna Purcell and Tracey Rice; Flight 2: Barb Smith and Marilyn Lloyd; Flight 3: Delores Mahaffey and Marge Rasmussen

3/31. With every shot we attempted to make it especially accurate; after all, we were competing against our own pro Greg, 35 ladies beat the pro. Greg you will have to practice diligently for next year’s game and so will we!

The seasons are changing once again, signs of Easter and Passover were all around us. Our days are longer even though we do not observe daylight savings. Our sun is lasting and intense so enjoy it and protect yourselves! Have fun talk with you next month.