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Tammy Visser had a hole in one on March 3!

Tammy Visser had a hole in one on March 3!

Janet Baron, Publicity Chairman

To become successful as a golfer you must stay true to your beliefs, remain focused on your goals and work diligently to achieve them, only then will your success unveil itself to you. Tammy Visser achieved her success by procuring a hole-in-one on No. 3. Congratulations to you Tammy!

4/07. Results of our Low Gross morning and afternoon play are as follows: Flight 1: Paddy Newton, Jo Crook, Carol Myers and Carol Guild tied for 2nd; Flight 2: 1st Anita Barber, 2nd Jan Hawks, Sherry Manier, Joyce Pocras and Linda Grendahl; Flight 3: 1st Kathryn Campbell, 2nd Ellen Bond 3rd Pattie Seiberling

4/14. Ladies from PV/IW/CW and OW (PICO) participated in a fun day of golf and competition. Breakfast treats were available at PV and OW; an 8:00 a.m. shotgun followed. Approximately 140 ladies played in foursomes consisting of a player from each club (when possible).

4/21. A luncheon after the second day of play took place at OW. Greg announced the captain of each winning team. The field was too large to mention each and every winning team member. Our luncheon at OW consisted of special chips and salsa a generous taco salad and for desert a refreshing sherbet; thank you OW, we enjoyed your hospitality. Our main games of competition have been played; our snowbirds have left for states much cooler than Arizona. Talk with you next month. Keep hydrated by drinking (water that is)!