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Cindy Bosch, Vice President, also handles the summer league golf for the Palo Verde ladies.

Cindy Bosch, Vice President, also handles the summer league golf for the Palo Verde ladies.

Janet Baron Publicity Chairman

6/02. Most of our ladies have left for cooler destinations, some remained to brave the elements of Arizona’s debilitating temperatures. The Low Net play of the day moved along quickly as a result of our missing snowbirds. The first flight winner was Sandy Patton-Joseph, 2nd Sharon Claude, in 3rd place Dolly Schedel and Gwen Curtis. Flight 2 winner was Nelda Machutas, Paula Elbery and Carol Elliott tied for 2nd. Flight 3 Karen Ryan, Carolyn Singer and Helen Saxton.

Our nation’s American flag was again waving proudly along the streets of Sun Lakes reminding us of our many battles for our freedom.

6/09. The best 9 holes game was won by Sandy Patton-Joseph (she also had a hole-in-one this month) that’s great golf Sandy! Two weeks in a row in 1st place and a hole-in-one. We are happy your health is improving! In 2nd place Ann Hammond and Jan Hawks. Flight 2 winners were Rita Benfer, and Mary Sanchez. The 3rd place winners were Jan Stuckey and Linda Dodge. The 3rd flight winners were Helen Saxton, Naomi Bryson and Diana DePree.

6/16. Father’s Day was remembered this month, we honored their kindness and efforts to guide us along a path to our everlasting future. We participated in the even holes play of the day. The flight one winners were Donna Purcell, Gwen Curtis, Sandy Patton-Joseph, Tammy Visser, Jan Stuckey and Susan Lamb tied for third. Karen Ryan, Kathy Jones and Pat Kreiling were the winners in flight two.

6/23. The O-N-E-S game was won by Ann Hammond and Tammy Visser, Karen Bailey was the 3rd place winner. The flight 2 winners were Paula Elbery, Marj Rasmussen and Liz Campbell.

6/30. Fun Day – some fun! The obstacles placed on each hole frustrated everyone. The heat of the morning prevented some from accomplishing their difficult goals. A brunch and card games followed providing a source of enjoyment. The winning team of our fun day was 1st Ann Hammond, Rita Benfer, Lois Fitzsimmons and Shirley Trusal. In 2nd place the team of Susan Lamb, Rita Raymond, Pat Sshultz and a blind draw. Cindy Bosch, Ellen Bond, Diana DePree and Rosemary Shutts were the 3rd place winners. That’s all for the month of June.