PVLGA news and views

Janet Baron, Publicity Chairman

We survived the second hottest summer ever; the excessive humidity added to the stifling atmosphere. October should offer some relief – enjoy.

9/01. Our summer Tuesday play (front nine) was won by Gwen Curtis and Susan Lamb, Rose Hames was the third winner in Flight 1. Flight 2 winners were Carol Elliott, Diana De Pree and Paula Elbert. Wanda Wiggins was the only player of the day to obtain a duce no. 2; she earned $25 – yes Wanda!

9/08. Flight 1 winner of the back nine was Rose Hames, Ann Hammond and Karen Bailey tied for 2nd.

9/15. Select-a-Drive results: Flight 1 team winners were Tammy Visser, Shirley Marshall, Liz Campbell and Mary Rasmussen, 2nd place was the team of Ann Hammond, Denise Devereaux, Wanda Johnson and Helen Saxton.

9/22. A regular Scramble and luncheon was held on a reasonably warm Tuesday. The winning team was Carolyn Hoffland, Wanda Johnson, Denise Devereaux and Helen Saxton, the 2nd place team was Ann Hammond, Paula Elbery, Ellen Bond and Rita Raymond, the 3rd place team winners were Carol Ruff, Mary Ditzke, Ginger Henry and Carol Elliott.

9/29. The final game of the month was a Low Gross challenge. In 1st place was Pat Tjosvoid, 2nd Carolyn Hoffland, 3rd (tie) Tammy Visser and Colleen Mitchell. Flight 2 winners were Diana De Pree, Carol Elliott and Shirley Hutchings.

Get ready – Our Golf Fore Life cancer fundraiser will be held on November 17. The various committees are busy organizing and planning the activities and play of the day. Talk with you next month!