PVLGA news and views

Janet Baron Publicity Chairman

Congratulations to our East Valley Executive Travel League placing first in the 2014-2015 season; they were challenged by the following participating leagues: Ironwood, Sun Lakes, SunBird, Sunland Village and Fountain of the Sun. Great golfing ladies!

1/06. Pro’s Choice of Nine; we all hoped (with every good hole we played) it would be the one Greg chose; some of us were fortunate our best holes were selected, for others oh well! Flight 1: 9:00 a.m. results: a tie was declared between Ann Hammond and Nancy Howell; 3rd Donna Purcell; Flight 2: Gwen Curtis, Nancy Gehlbach and Elaine Isaacson; Flight 3: Florence Wright, Rita Raymond and Terry Tyler; 1:00 p.m. results: Flight 1: Jan Hawks, Rachael Rainville and Marlene House; Flight 2: Diana DePree, Dori Helmer and Carol Elliot.

1/13. CottonVerde with a full field and a waiting list we proceeded to play our game the best we could. Fun, friendly competition and a win was the goal of each and every team. Palo Verde was this year’s host. The chilling rains pelted us with a vengeance, cold and shaking, some of us completed our round and some of us did not, approximately three to five holes remained. The winning teams are as follows: 1st Mary Lu Esget, Billy Seiberling, Gloria Combs and Kathryn Campbell, 2nd Patty Assante, Elaine Isaacon, Lucsa Buzbee and Joyce Rosati, 3rd Sandy Patton-Joseph, Sharon Eisenzimmer, June Park and Kathy Iversdahl

1/20. The Winter Olympics was played after our monthly meeting. Carol Ruff, our new president, called the meeting to order not with the customary pounding of the gavel but with a loud and shrill whistle which she herself has perfected; this was truly a “whistle stop.” A scramble was played in the afternoon following brunch. The winners are as follows: 1st Marj Rasmussen and Dori Helmer, 2nd Terry Gaube, Mary Hamilton, Pat Florence and Shirley Trusal, 3rd was Gwen Curtis, Liz Kirkpatrick, Rita Raymond and Janet Baron

1/27. Very few ladies participated in the 9:00 a.m. combo due to the chill and rain. The 1st place winner in Flight 1 was Sandy Patton-Joseph; Carol Ruff and Norma Kuchn tied for 2nd; Jan Stuckey, Liz Kirkpatrick and Nelda Machutas were the Flight 2 winners. The 1:00 results: Flight 1: Liz Campbell, Kathy Ivesdal and Anita Hopkins; Christine Lecoutre, June Hull and Marj Rasmussen were winners in Flight 3.

“Jack Frost” did cause “Arthur Itis” to affect some of us this month; he was not as harsh (so far) as last year. Most important Greg again reminded us to keep up the pace of play – “read it, putt it, tap it”. One of our ladies in turn reminded Greg to speak with the men’s group also about “pace of play”! We are now looking forward to the spring season that is just around the corner. Talk with you next month; play well and have fun!