PVLGA news and views

Janet Baron, Publicity Chairman

4/05. Low Gross Morning and Afternoon Results – Flight 1: 1st Mary Nelson, 2nd Ann Hammond, 3rd Diane Tennent; Flight 2: 1st Sharon Claud, 2nd Denise Deveraux, 3rd Pat McRoberts; Flight 3: 1st Jan Nelson, 2nd June Park, 3rd Sharon Eisenzimmer

4/12. T’s and F’s – Flight 1: 1st Jan Stuckey, 2nd Carol Guild, 3rd Pat Tjosvold; Flight 2: 1st (tie) Liz Kirkpatrick and Sharon Wilson, 3rd Bennie Beaumont; Flight 3: 1st June Park, 2nd (tie) Jan Nelson and Dee Czaja

4/19. Ladies Choice – Flight 1: 1st Rachel Rainville, 2nd Susan Hayward, 3rd (tie) Mary Nelson and Terry Gaub; Flight 3: 1st Sharon Eisenzimmer, 2nd Jo Ann Hicks, 3rd Kathy Iverseal

4/26. Member-Member play and luncheon – Flight 1: 1st Diane Tenny and Shirley Marshall, 2nd Dee Monsonis and Anita Hopkins tied with the team of Jan Stuckey and Lois Hudson; Flight 2: 1st Linda Grendahl and Pat Kreiing, 2nd Sharon Eisenzimmer and Nelda Machutas; Diana DePree and June Park all tied; Flight 3: 1st Millie Hague and Pat Schultz, 2nd Liz DeMichael and Noella Bannister, Judy Dingledine and Delores Mahaffey tied with them.

Most of our ladies have left for cooler locations. Summer is upon us again – let’s enjoy and endure the rising temperatures even though it may hinder our wonderful golf shots. Talk to you next month.