PVLGA news and views

Janet Baron, Publicity Chairman

This month we have had very few Tuesday golf participants due to extreme humidity and high temperatures; combined they sapped all our vitality!

7/05. Fun Day – First team winners were Sandy Eeds, Diana DePree, Naomi Bryson and Rosemary Shutts, tied with them the team of Susan Lamb, Nelda Machutas, Ginger Henry and Delores Mahaffy, 2nd the team of Gwen Curtis, Jan Bazzill, Wanda Wiggens and Marion Carr; they tied with Mary Nelson, Rose Hames, Judy Daidone and Carol Schacht

7/12 and 7/19. Electic – Flight 1: Carol Ruff, 2nd Mary Nelson, 3rd Nancy Hermanson; Flight 2: Paula Elbery, Diana DePree and Liz Campbell

7/26. Low Gross – Flight 1: Mary Nelson, Carolyn Hoffland and Mary Fitzke; Flight 2: Jerry Jordan, Wanda Johnson and Liz Campbell

Be careful ladies of yourselves and those beloved pets. We have had several sightings of rattlesnakes right here in Sun Lakes. Last week a small dog was bitten by a large rattlesnake, $4,000 later the pet survived. A rattler has been living under the ice machine outside of Bashas’. I can go on with other examples but you get the message. Talk to you next month.