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Denise Devereaux wins the 2016 President’s Cup

Denise Devereaux wins the 2016 President’s Cup

Janet Baron, Publicity Chairmen

1/12. Selecta-a-Drive Morning Results: 1st team winners Carol Myers, Mary Fitzke, Nelda Machutas and Bonnie Kane, 2nd team winners Rachel Rainville, Veda Baack, Linda Grendahl and Rita Raymond, 3rd team winners Dee Monsoris, Gwen Curtis, Florence Wright and Pat Schultz; Afternoon results: Flight 1: team of Gail Wooldridge, Leslie Swan , Shirley Hutchings and Helen Saxton; Flight 2: (tie) team of Joyce Pocras, Joan Macdonald, Carol Elliott and Joyce Helman; and the team of Anita Hopking, Millie Hague, Judy Whitney and Marj Rasmussen

1/19. Roll the Dice – Modified Scramble – 1st place team Sharon Wilson, Lee Sonderman, Liz Campbell and Pat Schultz, 2nd place team Patty Newton, Marlene House, Betty Beard and Genalea Johnson, 3rd place team Carolyn Tagatz, Jan Stuckey, Ginger Mays and Kathy Bushbaun

1/26. PV Combo Winners Afternoon Results: Denese Devereaux, Sherry Manier and Anita Hopkins, Flight 2: Janet Baron, Jerry Jordan and Marilyn Lloyd

2/02 and 09. President’s Cup: A playoff between Denese Devereaux and Cindy Ryan took place; the winner was Denese Devereaux; Flight 1 winner was Cindy Ryan, 2nd Carol Guild, 3rd Colleeen Mitchell and Jane Lewis and Laverne Becker, Liz Campbell and Paula Elberry.

If you are interested, the Zika virus acquired its name from a Rhesus monkey that had been placed in a cage in the Zika forest of Uganda. The virus is transmitted by daytime mosquitoes. Headaches and rash can be an indication those annoying little insects have infected us. Joint pain is also an indication but most of us have joint pain anyway without being bitten!

Enjoy golfing while our ‘80s temperatures last!