The course in the early morning

The course in the early morning

Mary Nelson

The new PVLGA elected officers for 2021 are as follows:

President Julie Curran

Vice President Cindy Ryan

Secretary Bonnie Moore

Treasurer Linda Grendahl

Welcome to our new members Sue Green, Fran Kelly, Shelley Heberlein, Becky Commisto, Pat Dubrow, Jackie Kellermann, Lisa Mohoric, Roz Pederson, Belen Wilson, Kathy Bushbaum, Mary Fitzke, Penny Flynn, Karen Evans, Sharon Fratiello, Beth Johnston, Anna Cain, and Jo Yeager.

Recent Play Day Results:

Low Net, Tuesday, Oct. 20:

Flight 1 (0-18): 1st Bonnie Moore, 2nd Tammy Bailey, 3rd Nancy Hermanson

Flight 2 (19-25): 1st Anita Barber, 2nd Cathy Brabant, 3rd Gwen Curtis

Flight 3 (26-36): 1st Pat Schultz, 2nd Sherri Trusal, 3rd Lois Fitzsimmons

Pro’s Choice, Tuesday, Oct. 27 (Holes 2, 4, 6, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 18):

Flight 1 (0-19): 1st Mary Nelson, 2nd Nancy Hermanson, Rachel Rainville

Flight 2 (20-26): 1st Phyllis Chase, Kathy Ivesdal, 3rd Jan Stuckey, Cathy Brabant

Flight 3 (27-36): 1st Delores Mahaffey, Mary La Tourelle, 3rd Liz DeMichael

Fewest Putts, Tuesday, Nov. 3:

Flight 1 (0-17): 1st Val Verbeck, Jan Hawkes, 3rd Mary Nelson

Flight 2 (18-22): 1st Jan Suckey, 2nd Anita Hopkins, 3rd Pat Tjosvold

Flight 3 (23-27): 1st Lynette Liffrig, 2nd June Park, 3rd Linda Grendahl

Flight 4 (28-36): 1st Kay Berner, 2nd Mary Fitzke, Lois Fitzsimmons

Cha-Cha-Cha, Tuesday, Nov. 10:

1st Sherri Butler, Anita Hopkins, Kathy Ivesdal, Marcia Smith; 2nd Cindy Ryan, Cathy Brabant, Julie Lutostanski, Shirley Trusal; 3rd Barb Almond, Tammy Visser, Rosalita Stewart, Sandra Labute