PVLGA Results

Susan Lamb

The Palo Verde Ladies Golf Association is well on its way to an exciting 2023 season. Some of our players have moved away or choose to play elsewhere, but we are happy to have 16 new members. They were introduced at the Christmas Luncheon on Dec. 13. Our new officers for 2023 were installed at that meeting. President: Bonnie Moore, Vice-President: Becky Commisto, Secretary: Florence Wright, Treasurer: Linda Grendahl. If you are thinking about joining our golf group, there are still many fun activities and tournaments scheduled.

Oct. 25 Results: Scramble

1st: (tie) Anita Barber, Diane Kruse, Karen Bailey, Karen Evans/Patty Assante, Gwen Curtis, Carol Healy, Paula Elbery

3rd: Bonnie Moore, Diane French, Judy Hester, Naomi Bryson

4th: Cindy Ryan, Sandy Chavez, Alice Barber, Dolores Mahaffey

5th: Mary Anne Lofquist, Shirley Edmiston, Rose Hames, Jan Bazzill

Nov. 1 Results: Modified Best Ball

1st: Anita Barber, Pat Tjosvold, Blind Draw, Liz Demichael

2nd: Tracy Thornock, Laura Rook, Sharon Eisenzimmer, Bonnie Kane

3rd: (tie) Barb Smith, Christy Thomas, Diana Ridd, Barb Byczko/Bonnie Moore, Kathleen Gardner, Rose Hames, Judith Massey

Nov. 8 Results: Pro’s Choice

Flight 1: 1st Minna Rasmussen, 2nd Jane Lewis, 3rd Cindy Ryan

Flight 2: 1st Christy Thomas, 2nd Sharon Wilson, 3rd Jan Kittle

Flight 3: 1st Rose Hames and Margie Brandon, 3rd Kathy Ivesdal

Flight 4: 1st Cathy Sullivan, 2nd Noella Bannister, 3rd Sandra Labute and Barb Byczko

Nov. 15 Results: Fewest Putts

Flight 1: 1st Cindy Ryan; 2nd Tracy Rice, Patty Assante, and Jane Lewis

Flight 2: 1st Pat Tjosvold; 2nd Christine Lecoutre, Liz Kirkpatrick, Shirley Edmiston, and Jan Stuckey

Flight 3: 1st Jill Brindley and Ginger Mays; 2nd Carol Healy and Elaine Isaacson

Flight 4: 1st Sue Green; 2nd Pat Shultz

Nov. 22 Results: Front Nine

Flight 1: 1st Terry Gaube, 2nd Val Verbeck, 3rd Mary Fitzke

Flight 2: 1st Diane French, 2nd Jan Stuckey, 3rd Sandy Chavez

Flight 3: 1st Karen Bailey, 2nd Alice Barber, 3rd Diana Ridd

Flight 4: 1st Pauline Corcoran, 2nd Carol Moser, 3rd Marcia Smith

Nov. 29 Results: Back Nine

Flight 1: 1st Rachel Rainville, 2nd Mary Fitzke, 3rd Barb Smith

Flight 2: 1st Jan Nelson, 2nd Pat Tjosvold, 3rd Andrea Steinhauesser

Flight 3: 1st Karen Bailey, 2nd Margie Brandon, 3rd Marilynn Lloyd

Flight 4: 1st Judith Massey, 2nd Barb Byczko, 3rd Mary Lou Jones

Dec. 6 Results: Crier’s Tournament

Flight 1: 1st Carole Guild, 2nd Bonnie Moore, 3rd Patty Assante

Flight 2: 1st Jan Nelson, 2nd Florence Wright, 3rd Jan Stuckey

Flight 3: 1st Teresa Roark, 2nd Marilynn Lloyd, 3rd Sue Green and Sandra Labute

Afternoon Results:

Flight 1: 1st Pat Tjosvold, 2nd Sue Lawless, 3rd Sharon Wilson and Georgia Hartman

Flight 2: 1st Jill Brindley, 2nd Kathy Ivesdal, 3rd Judy Massey