PVMGA Club Championship and Masters Winners

2024 PVMGA Club Champion: Bob Brabant

Past presidents (left to right): Neil Curtis, Butch Reber, Dick Howell, Al Baumgartner, Don Hicks, Dave Florence, Jerry Lofquist, Jim Davis, and John Mitchell

2024 PVMGA Masters Champion: John Kane

Jeff French

It was an eventful February/March of play for the PVMGA, which included a Member/Member event, a two-day Home & Home with Oakwood Men’s, and the 2024 Club Championship, followed by our annual Presidents lunch and Scramble.

Club Championship, March 2 and 3

Flight 1: 1st Bob Brabant, 2nd Mike Lorimor, 3rd Dan Ashley

Flight 2: 1st Tom Gartner, 2nd (tie) Lee Brechtel/John Mitchell

Flight 3: 1st Denny Golden, 2nd Gene Wenger, 3rd James Granzow

Flight 4: 1st Chuck Carothers, 2nd Rick Onken, 3rd Dick Hollenbaugh

Member/Member Select A Drive, February 17

Flight 1: 1st Christian Stokes and Brad Wilson, 2nd Mitch Berger and Gary Zahnow, 3rd (tie) Dick Howell and Don Hicks/Mike Rufert and Paul Jorgensen/John Kane and Ken Verbeck

Flight 2: 1st Phil Hollevoet and John Mitchell, 2nd Chuck Carothers and Tom Rainville, 3rd (tie) Jim Adzima and Len Horst/Wes Davis and Arve Moser

Flight 3: 1st (tie) Mike Makowski and Warren Ball/Marty Martin and Tom Jeub/Duane Enzminger and Al Mattern

Home & Home with Oakwood, February 22 and 24

1st (tie) Ron Dodd, Dan Strafalace, John Kane, and Bill Smith/Lee Smith, Randy Moe, John Mitchell, and Phil Hollevoet; 3rd (tie) Robert Kittle, Chuck Carothers, Tim Colley, and Bob Love/Richard Schager, Ken Nelson, Steve Engler, and Bob Lobban

President’s Recognition Lunch and Scramble, March 9

1st Marko Sowa, Tom Gartner, Cliff Joyes, and Bob Torres; 2nd John Byczko, Joe Byrne, and Dick Thomas; 3rd Mike Othick, Jim Cain, Bill Greer, and Larry Merkl